Welcome to the Website of the Monona County Democratic Party!

The Monona Dems hold a regular monthly dinner meeting at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month. Locations vary from month to month and will be posted here.

All registered Democrats are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings. Members of the central committee vote on any issues presented before the committee.



Map - Monona County Iowa

Monona County in Iowa

Located in west-central Iowa, Monona County (2010 pop. 9243) was established in 1851. The word Monona was perhaps named for the Indian word meaning “beautiful or peaceful valley.”

The county (701 square miles) is nestled between the Missouri River to the west and the rugged Loess Hills formation on the eastern side. The Loess Hills of Western Iowa — with some of the deepest and widest deposits — can best be viewed here. Discover the wonders of marshlands and oxbow lakes along the Missouri River.

Preparation Canyon

Preparation Canyon

The Monona County Democrats represent over 2,100 registered democrats. Precinct committee persons are elected in even numbered years at precinct caucuses and serve on the county central committee — the county party’s governing body.

Party members help recruit candidates for office, work to get them elected, and become involved in the governing process by contributing to the development of County, District, State and National party platforms.

The Monona County Democrats meet the second Thursday of each month at alternating locations throughout Monona County. Everyone is invited to attend, although only Central Committee members may vote on matters before the committee.

Iowa’s 4th Congressional District includes 39 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Monona County has 11 precincts.

Democratic precinct committee persons are elected in even-numbered years at precinct caucuses. Precinct committee persons serve on the county central committee, which is the policy-making body of the county party.

Monona County Courthouse

Monona County Courthouse – Onawa, Iowa

Current Monona County Democratic officers are as follows:

  • Ken Mertes, Chair
  • Randy Stanislav, Vice Chair
  • Tena Hinkel, Secretary
  • Jane Daniel, Treasurer

MCD Central Committee members are listed by precinct, and were elected to office on January 23, 2010. Find a current listing here.


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