On March 12, 2016, Democratic Conventions were held in each of Iowa’s 99 counties.

The county conventions were the second step of the Iowa Democratic Party’s delegate selection process that began with the precinct caucuses on February 1st. County convention delegates broke into presidential preference groups and awarded delegates to the district and state conventions proportionate to the percentage of county delegates in each preference group (district and state convention delegates are the same people). Per our long-standing delegate selection rules, none of today’s county convention delegates were bound to their preference from the precinct caucuses. For this reason, the breakdown of state delegates awarded is different than the state delegate equivalents that were projected from the precinct caucuses on February 1st.

Results from today’s county conventions are below:


  Clinton State/District Delegates Sanders State/District Delegates O’Malley State/District Delegates Uncommitted State/District Delegates
CD 1 193 195 0 0
CD 2 179 193 0 0
CD 3 183 169 1 1
CD 4 146 141 0 0
Satellite Caucuses (determined on caucus night) 2 1 0 0
Tele-Caucus (determined on caucus night) 1 1 0 0
TOTAL 704 700 1 1

A complete county-by-county listing of the results can be found HERE.



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