The 2016 Monona County Democratic Convention was held on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the Monona County Courthouse in Onawa.  We enjoyed exceptional support and attendance by the registered Democrats in the County.

Ken Mertes Pointing

The convention was led by Ken Mertes, Chairman of the Monona County Democratic Party.  Assisting Ken were the other officers of the county party:

Jane Daniel – Treasurer

Creta Teut – Credentials

Randy Stanislav – Vice-Chair

Laura Oliver – Acting Secretary

Delegates at the convention reviewed a number of proposals for the state Democratic Platform and heard brief speeches on behalf of local, state, and national candidates.  Special thanks is due to the Platform Committee for their work in detailed review and discussion of the proposed planks that will be forwarded to the District and State Conventions.

At the convention, delegates and alternate delegates were selected to attend the future district and state conventions, based on the proportional representation of the national candidates.

A very successful fund-raiser was conducted by Treasurer Jane Daniel, greatly assisted by the generous donation of auction items donated by Mike Amosson of Soldier.

Steve Pratt provided a series of photos of the convention HERE.

Statewide results of the 2016 Democratic County Conventions are HERE.

On behalf of the Monona County Democratic Party, our sincere appreciation to all who attended the convention!


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